Frequently Asked Questions

Can every tooth be replaced with a Bionic-Tooth?

The Bionic-Tooth system can replace teeth or roots which have not yet been extracted. Your practitioner must first of all assess the

quality and thickness of your jaw bone from case to case. In case your tooth has already been removed, a more traditional method

would probably be the right solution for you.

How long will the Bionic-Tooth last?

The root of the Bionic-Tooth is made of metal-free dental ceramic which is also used for other human implants such as hip joints or

knee replacements. Dental ceramic is fully biocompatible and extremely durable. Provided that the surrounding bone continues 

to stay healthy, the Bionic-Tooth can last a lifetime. If the crown is damaged, it can easily be replaced.

Is the treatment with the Bionic-Tooth painful?

As the procedure is conducted under local anesthesia, you will not feel pain or any other major discomfort. 

Your old tooth is simply removed and immediately replaced with the Bionic-Tooth.

How long does the Bionic-Tooth treatment take?

The entire procedure of replacing a tooth with a Bionic Tooth normally takes a maximum of six months. Throughout this time,

your jaw bone grows new cells and connects to the root surface of the Bionic-Tooth. During the tooth replacement procedure,

a temporary protective crown is used to achieve an esthetic result for the entire healing period. After the Bionic-Tooth has integrated

into your jaw bone, your dentist will replace the temporary crownwith a permanent one.